Are you getting divorced?

  • Want Help to Manage Feelings as You Go Through the Process?
  • Have you decided to end your marriage?
  • Are you already meeting with the lawyers?
  • Does the prospect of going through stages of the divorce emotionally overwhelm you?
  • Are you wondering if you will be strong enough to ask for what you deserve?
  • Are you confused by all the feelings you are having?
  • Going from sadness to anger to depression to fear?

The decision to end a marriage can come about for many reasons. Often people feel may have strong feelings of failure because their marriage ended. Some people may it ended on bad terms due to infidelity or addiction. Other times it can end just because two people grow apart.

The reasons can affect the feelings you are having as you go through this journey. You may feel guilt or shame or embarrassment. Are you afraid to tell your friends, your family, or your children? Are you having a hard time coming to grips with your new reality?

The legal aspect is covered by your divorce lawyer. However, to be able to make full use of your legal team, you will need to make sure that you have processed all your emotions.

Strong feelings of anger, hate or rage will just get in your way of working with your legal team. Unfortunately, divorce is not a great way to seek revenge or punish your partner. As the Italians say, revenge is drinking the poison and expecting the other person to die.

When we are hurt, scared, or rejected, these strong feelings can get in the way of working with people who want to help us. These strong feelings cloud our judgement and may push away people helping us.

Getting control of strong feelings will help you to be more effective to work through the divorce process and make sure you do not make mistakes or take decisions from the wrong emotional base.

Divorce is a process that is relatively short compared to the consequences it can have on your financial and emotional well-being. Make sure you give yourself the emotional support to make sure that you can be 100% focused on your divorce and building a new life.

Issues that should be addressed to make sure the divorce process goes smoothly include but are not limited to:

  • Addressing your anger or strong negative feelings towards your spouse
  • Working through any guilt and shame
  • Start to get a vision of what your life will look like as single
  • Start addressing emotional issues around being single
  • Get help figuring out how to tell important people in your life
  • Address any damaged self-esteem or self-worth issues

All in the Therapy Counselling Pte. Ltd. Helps individuals manage the complex issues faced with ending a marriage. If you want to support and guidance through this period, we can help you manage it in the least painful way possible. Tammy Fontana, MS, NCC, CTRT will provide a structure and framework to take you from the loss and grief of marriage to the figuring out what your new life will be looking like. Therapy can help you feel hopeful in a time of great change.

Therapy provides a structured, safe and healthy relationship to help a person be able to recognize and process their feelings to make informed and healthy decisions and behaviours. If you want your life and relationships to be better, don’t wait. Help is there for you. We provide online therapy through Zoom, Skype and WhatsApp video.

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