What Happens if There are Properties or Assets Abroad?


Where there are properties or assets abroad, the first thing to decide upon is which jurisdiction you should file the divorce in. Expat couples who have lived in a number of countries may have the option to decide where to start court proceedings and this does not even need to be the country they have lived in or where they married.

The reason this is so important is that the country in which court proceedings are started could have a significant impact on the outcome when it comes to the division of marital assets. For example, you may be far better off in terms of a financial settlement if you divorce in one country as compared to another. Hence, you should seek expert legal advice to find out which is most favourable, and be prepared to move quickly.

In addition, it is always important to ensure that specific legal advice is sought from a qualified advisor in the country where the assets are located. Some common problems that could arise when it comes to properties located abroad are tracing and establishing ownerships of the overseas property. Even if assets can be traced, there may be the problem of enforcing divorce settlements obtained in one country, in another.

Indeed, divorce involving assets that are distributed over multiple jurisdictions can be exceedingly complicated. Hence, you may wish to seek legal advice from a Singapore Divorce Lawyer at Gloria James-Civetta & Co.

At Gloria James-Civetta & Co, we have the expertise to ensure that a watertight settlement is achieved regardless of where properties and assets are located.

We offer a free 20-minute consultation with one of our lawyers. Should you have any queries or should like to seek legal representation, kindly contact us at 6337 0469 or email us at consult@gjclaw.com.sg.


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